School Coordinators

Volunteer Week is fast approaching and we have put together a video thanking those people who make our programs happen in your schools.  Many of you have trained volunteers at your school and provided us with the training sign-in sheet.  Thank you!  Those volunteers will receive the video link as a thank you from the Alberta Reads Network as well as have their names entered in a draw for a gift card (or two).

If you have trained volunteers at your school and have not yet sent in the sign-in sheet, please do so as soon as possible so we don’t miss sending the video of thanks and entering their names in the draw.  Yes, we know many of them are parent or grandparent volunteers from your school but they are also an integral part of the Alberta Reads Network if they deliver one of our many programs.  We would like to let them know how vital they are to the important work of ensuring all children read with confidence and joy.

Please send your list of volunteers (with email addresses) to by April 2, 2019.

And THANK YOU for all you do!

Dawn and Lee Ann